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Welcome to ODFAuthors!

This is a development site for LibreOffice documentation. If you just want to read documentation, our published chapters can be downloaded in PDF and ODT formats from the LibreOffice website or from the Documentation wiki of LibreOfficePrinted copies of some books are also available.

Work on the LibreOffice user guides is being coordinated through the LibreOffice Documentation mailing list and the wiki. Please see this page for more information.

Free PDFs for download

To download books free in PDF and ODT formats, go to the LibreOffice website or the Documentation wiki of LibreOffice.

Printed books for sale

The following books are available in printed form for purchase from the Friends of OpenDocument'sstore at

Cover of GS4.2Getting Started 4.2, June 2014
Impress 4.2 Guide, August 2014
Writer 4.2 Guide, October 2014
Draw 4.3 Guide, January 2015 





Cover of LO 4.0 Getting Started guideGetting Started 4.0, February 2013
Writer 4.0 Guide, June 2013
Impress 4.0 Guide, July 2013
Math 4.0 Guide, July 2013
Base 4.0 Handbook, July 2013
Draw 4.1 Guide, November 2013
Calc 4.1 Guide, November 2013

Cover of LibO 3.4 Getting Started guide

Getting Started 3.5, September 2012
Writer 3.6 Guide, January 2013
Impress 3.5 Guide, May 2012
Draw 3.5 Guide, October 2012
Math 3.5 Guide, September 2012
Base 3.6 Handbook, June 2013
Getting Started 3.4, April 2012
Writer 3.4 Guide, May 2012
Draw 3.4 Guide, May 2012
Impress 3.4 Guide, May 2012
Calc 3.4 Guide, July 2012
Math 3.4 Guide, June 2012