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Resources for Contributors

Use this folder for edited copies of the files in the Resources for Contributors folder.
File Template for v3.4->v4.2 chapters
Updated boilerplate on copyright page.
File Ch1 Joining the LO Docs Team
Chapter 1 of Contributors' Guide
File ECMAScript program Ch2 Producing LibreOffice user guides
Chapter 2 of Contributors' Guide
File Ch3 Using the ODFAuthors website
Currently being revised by Dave Barton
File Ch5 Style Guide
Chapter 5 of Contributors' Guide.
File Ch6 Using the Chapter Template
Chapter 6 of the Contributors' Guide
File Ch7 Using the Auto Text dialog
Describes the AutoText dialog and how to use it.
File ULAW (Sun) audio LO.bau
This is the autotext file that accompanies "Using-AutoText dialog"
Image PNG image LO Logo for title page
Taken from start center for LO3.
File Template changer extension
File text/texmacs Liberation fonts
File Template for v3.4-4.2 (compiled) books
A few paragraph styles are different in the book and the individual chapters.
File Template for v3.4-4.2 printed books
Headings black instead of green (for better printing). Publisher's name & address, and ISBN line, added.
File Template for v3.3 chapters
File SVG image LO v4.0 front covers (SVG)
Includes layers for all books.
File SVG image LO v4.0 back covers (SVG)
Includes layers for all books.
File Front cover v4.2 (SVG)
Includes layers for all books.
File SVG image Back cover v42 (SVG)
Includes layers for all of the books.
File Troff document LOv4.4 chapter template (draft)
Import this file into your templates to use it. Incomplete: list descriptions and setup still need some work; some other items might need work also. Main differences from v3.4 template: no more OOoxxxxx style names; Tips/Notes/Cautions no longer in tables.