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Resources for contributors

File ODT document Introduction to ODFAuthors
File ODT document Producing OOo user guides
File ODT document Style guide V3
File ODT document Writing OOo Guides v3
File ODT template OOo3.3 chapter template
Updated 21 January 2011
File OOo3.3 Book Template
Updated 21 August 2011
How to join the mailing lists
How to get the author role
How the review process works
How to submit a document
How to retract a document
How to upload documents
Goals for updating user guides to OOo 3.3
Our goals for the next round of reviews and updates of the OOo user guides (Getting Started, Writer Guide, Calc Guide, Draw Guide, Impress Guide) are described here.
How to move a document
How to publish a document
Naming convention
How to create and insert images (graphics)
How to create images that show what the reader needs to know, can be read easily on screen and when printed in black-and-white (good contrast), do not use unnecessarily large amounts of ink or toner when printed, and are unchanged when exported to a variety of file formats. Also how to insert images into user guide chapters.
How to index a user guide chapter
Tips for indexing chapters
A checklist of things to consider when creating, reviewing, or editing an index
Publishing User Guide Chapters
A checklist for publishing chapters of the user guides
Creating a User Guide using a Master Document
Summary of steps an editor takes to produce an updated copy of an OOoAuthors user guide.
File image/x-jg Peer review flowchart
File Zip archive Ubuntu xp silver theme
File ODT document Chapter Update HowTo
File ODT template OOo3 book template OLD
File ODT template OOo3 chapter template OLD
File Using the AutoText dialog
Explanation of how to use this dialog when writing ODFAuthors documents
File AutoText entries in OOo.bau file.
Autotext entries are located in .bau files. This .bau files contains these autotext entries: tip, note, caution tables, a table, and two frames containing a table. These can be placed in the OOo personal settings folder and then used in your writing. "Using the AutoText dialog" document is also contained in the Resources folder.

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